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NEW Bundled Collection

Are you a white space fan?
I really admire white space pages however creating white space pages are always a struggle for me because I ALWAYS have such a hard time stopping at just a few elements and papers so you could imagine the struggle with creating these templates yet I pulled it off and hopefully if you're like me then these templates will be of some help to you. If you're a white space fan then these are prefect for you!

This week I have released 3 sets of white space templates called White Out
The first set White Out - Masked offers you a framed masked photo with simple clustering and plenty of white out space t leave blank, add word art or a blended background photo.
The second set White Out - Torn offers torn edges on their own layer so you have full control in coloring. It also offers plenty of white space and journal spots with scattered elements.
The third set White Out - Cluster It is for those whom love white space pages but LOVE clusters as well. It offers beautiful full clustering while still having a white space page with a blended background for papers or photo.

OR you can take advantage of all 3 sets in a bundled collection!
Click on the preview for your store choice

My CT and I had a lot of fun with this collection, hope you do too!

Until next time Happy Scrappin'


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Until Next time Happy Scrappin'