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Awareness, Previews & a Sneakpeek

By now you may have heard April is Autism Awareness Month.
Did you know April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day?
A lot of people like to "light it up blue" in support of Autism Speaks, however I am not a supporter of Autism Speaks nor am I a follower. So why not light it up Spectrum Style as my friend Violet says, after all it's the many puzzling colors that represent autism.

Autism has taken up residents in my home for the past 13 years. That's right, I am a mom of two sons with autism. So spreading awareness is important to me!

With that being said, when the Designer of Jumpstart Designs came to me and said she wanted to put together a collection in honor of Autism and asked for feed back I of course jumped all over that.
What better way to use this collection for awareness, to scrap those everyday challenges or those milestones that are so HUGE to us caregivers/teachers. Check out this AMAZING and HUGE bundled collection called My Own Little World by Jumpstart Designs

My requirements for being on Jumpstarts Creative Team is two layouts but I couldn't help myself and made 3 LO's and many more to come! Check em out. and yes I am aware of the mis-spelling on one LO (it's suppose to be like that)

Another one my designers I CT for and now fellow designer also surprised me last minute with an Autism Awareness mini kit, which of course is amazing. I love her take with the kit and the colors she choose are so similar to the colors I had choose for my own Autism themed release, after all great minds think alike. Check out this mini by Love It Scrap It called Always You

And here's a couple of pages I made last minute for this fabulous kit and I plan to make many more!

And now for a Sneak Peek to my Autism themed set that will be releasing April 8th during my Grand Opening Weekend at With Love Studio!

Until next time, Happy Autism Awareness Day/Month
and Happy Scrappin'


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